Studex Plus Earrings

shop display showing all options available for studex plus piercing earrings range

With over one billion ears pierced worldwide, Studex have been at the forefront of Ear Piercing technology for over 40 years.

The Studex name has signified trust and safety in Ear Piercing, their systems are easy to use, hygienic and designed to ensure safe piercing.
The Studex brand is recognised globally as the world’s largest manufacturer of Ear Piercing earrings, instruments and after care products.

Manufactured in Los Angeles, USA, Studex Ear Piercing systems and hypo-allergenic earrings are made utilising the latest manufacturing technology and offer the very latest in fashion of the highest quality. All Studex sterilised jewellery meets or exceeds US Food & Drug Administration regulations and E.U standards. In the UK, Studex work with local authorities to set out best piercing practice and ensure all training adheres to these guidelines. Click here for more information on the Studex Plus system.