Caflon BLU Earrings

Legendary British Engineering

The British are known for their design and engineering excellence. Some of the finest products in the automotive, medical, and manufacturing world come from the United Kingdom. At Caflon, their British heritage is reflected in the superior quality of every ear piercing component they make. From precision instruments and piercing studs, to after piercing care, Caflon utilizes advanced eco-friendly manufacturing technology to create the safest ear piercing systems at the lowest prices.

As an International Company operating in the business of Ear Piercing, Caflons' reputation for high standards is crucial to their business success.

Continually striving to provide the best service and quality products, at affordable prices, to their customers.

We have a great selection of Caflon products that will allow you to perform ear piercings to be performed using best procedures and safe after care for ear piercings.
Our stock includes a selection of gold-plated and surgical stainless steel studs, guns and aftercare products which are excellent for first time piercings and clients with sensitive skin. The piercing kits have everything an ear or nose piercer needs to begin providing professional piercing services.