STUDEX Ear Piercing Registration Consent Forms A4 Duplicate Pad

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Registration, Consent and Aftercare Instructions all in one compact, professional A4 duplicate pad.
Protect yourself and your business, inform and educate customers.

In the UK, an ear piercing business MUST HAVE a Registration Book.

As part of a continued review of processes Studex have made the decision to revamp their customer registration forms for both nose and ear piercing. Moving away from the old registration book Studex now only supply a duplicate pad that reduces touch contact.
The new Customer Registration Pads have a white copy for your customer, providing them with information about their piercing, with aftercare instructions on the back.
The piercer then keeps and files the colour copy for their own records, securing the Tyvek backing paper to the copy that is being kept.

Improvements include...
Addition of a medical checklist
Parent / Legal Guardian details to be recorded
Multiple piercing (ear) - detail where more than one piercing is being performed
Highlight the choice of aftercare solution (ear piercing only)

Aftercare form
Information for the aftercare process depending on the aftercare solution selected (ear piercing only)
Imagery to demonstrate correct butterfly positioning (ear piercing only)

50 A4 REGISTRATION FORMS - each with unique serial number

Release form, authorisation and ear piercing application.
Simply a must have for any business using the Studex range of products to pierce. Register your customers with this booklet and make it easy to keep a record of clients.

A signature on the form confirms that the client gives you permission to pierce their ears via a consent form, and also includes aftercare information for the client to take home with them!